Tile and Stone Council of Northern California


By offering “by the book” training and instruction, our members can be confident they employ quality craftsmen and women.

Training to be the best for the best

We are dedicated to investing in the development and training of highly qualified men and women, for excellence in tile and dimension stone installation. We reward those men and women with compensation packages that allow them to provide for the health and welfare of themselves and their families now and during retirement.

Classroom Instruction

Starting with the basics lays the foundation for quality craftsmanship. However, if a trainee has experience we can move that person to the appropriate level in the program.

Practical Application Training

Our training includes extensive hands-on practical application experience. Real world experience with certified instructors will ensure the educational needs are exceeded to instill the confidence trainees need to prosper on the job.

Continuing Education

Our training center constantly offers continuing education, safety courses, and new product demonstrations

Cropped image of adult builder spreading and smoothing tile adhesive on the floor

Making a difference

With our training programs, graduates leave with the skills, knowledge and a job. Jobs that provide benefits and securities to families in the Bay Area.


Enroll today: 510-880-1779

English and Spanish speaking staff available.

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